Club of Catholic Intelligentsia

Club of Catholic Intelligentsia is an organisation founded in 1956 grouping Catholic intellectuals with the aim to promote and develop active and mature responsibility for the society and the Church. The important role of the Club is also to provide proper education for youth, develop of artistic and cultural projects and necessary help for the poor and the ones in need. The members of the Club are very active supporting democratic changes in the Eastern Europe countries, especially in Ukraine and Belarus.

To meet its aims, the Club itself and its members organise public campaigns, scholarship fund program, the micro-grants program for creative teenagers, scouting-like camps and groups for children and youth, charity concerts, meetings, lectures etc.

Thanks to the great volunteer's effort and a wide range of projects we are able to deliver proper support for citizens from Ukraine and Belarus. Annually the Club organises over 40 camps for almost 600 youths and kids with help of 100 volunteers. The members of the Club organise dozens of meetings and lectures. Through the Scholarship Fund, from 2002 we distributed over 300,000 PLN (over 85,000 USD) among students.

The Club exists and works thanks to the involvement of hundreds of volunteers and support of over 1500 members: youth, adults and seniors.